Benefits for SMEs and innovative Start-Ups

Exemption from stamp duty and administrative fees due for registration in the business register and the annual fee to the chamber of commerce for start-ups;

Tax benefits for directors, employees or collaborators remunerated through financial instruments. The amounts paid in the form of financial instruments or option rights do not contribute to the total taxable income of the recipients;

A tax credit of 35% on the permanent employment of highly qualified personnel up to a maximum of € 200k per year for start-ups;

Faculty to use, for innovative start-ups established in the form of srl, institutions normally admitted only for the SpA, in particular, the free determination of the rights attributed to the shareholders or the issue of shareholding financial instruments;

Exemption from the absolute prohibition of transactions on its holdings if the transaction is carried out in the implementation of incentive plans that foresee assignment of financial instruments to collaborators, members of the administrative body or providers of work or services, including professional ones;

Faculty to issue financial instruments provided with property rights or even administrative rights, excluding the vote in the decisions of the shareholders;

Support for internationalization, through the services provided by the ICE Agency for the promotion abroad and the internationalization of Italian companies and by the Italian Desk;

Greater possibilities in crisis management in the innovative start-up company and in the control activity;

Possibility of hiring staff with fixed-term contracts of a minimum duration of 6 months and a maximum of 36 months that can be extended by another 12 months (thus reaching a total of 48 months);

Simplified, free and direct access to the Central Guarantee Fund, a government fund that facilitates access to credit by granting guarantees on bank loans.

Investment facilities

If you are a person or a company and decide to invest in an SME or an innovative start-up, you can benefit from tax relief 30% IRPEF DEDUCTION AND IRES DEDUCTION


Has the right to deduct an amount 30% of the amount invested in the share capital of one or more innovative start-ups in the annual tax return.

The percentage of the deduction is raised to 30% for investments in innovative start-ups with a social vocation (as defined by paragraph 4 of article 25 of the “crescita bis” Decree) or in those that exclusively develop and market innovative high-end technological level products in the energy field. A maximum investment limit has been set on which to determine the deduction, equal to 500.000 euros per year, and a minimum period of maintenance of the investment, equal to two years.


Enjoy a favourable tax regime as they can exclude up to 30% of the amount invested in the share capital of one or more innovative start-ups from their taxable income. The percentage of the deduction is higher in the case of innovative start-ups with a social vocation and for those that exclusively develop and market innovative products with a high technological level in the energy field. The maximum permitted investment limit is € 1.800.000 per year, the investment must be maintained for at least two years