Born from an initiative of Foradvisory, an independent company in the field of corporate finance and services supporting family-owned businesses, Forcrowd aims to facilitate immediate access to strategic funds for the realization of entrepreneurial projects or investment plans, in an alternative way compared to the traditional banking instruments.

The founders and shareholders, therefore, come from the financial consulting sector, with specialization in the economic sectors in which the platform operates, with in-depth experience at the service of Italian companies and entrepreneurs. The CEO of the company is supported by industry experts who form the Scientific Committee, with the responsibility of providing opinions on the technical and financial feasibility of each initiative.

Values ​​and mission of Forcrowd

Forcrowd’s platform is dedicated to the selection of companies able to create value for shareholders, for the market and their employees, with a long-term vision, configuring itself as the guarantor of the quality and seriousness of the financial proposal. The investment projects on the portal are based on proven income capacity, focusing on the sectors of energy production from renewable sources and real estate.

Why invest with Forcrowd?

On Forcrowd you will find only selected companies, positively evaluated by the Board of Directors and the Scientific Committee, able to present to the subscribers a stable and constant profitability over time, with particular regard to companies that present projects based on technological innovation, on the reduction of environmental impact and the commercial ability of the applicant. We want to make sure that our investors can clearly understand the strengths and risks of the proposed projects, by making available all the necessary information, even to unregistered users. If the campaign does not reach the set target, all subscribed sums will be returned.

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Why create a campaign?

Forcrowd supports the applicants at all times: from the preparation of the capital increase proposal to the closing and the post-operation procedures, supplying periodic information on the progress of the campaign and providing ready and swift answers to every type of question. By completing the questionnaire, the applicant will submit the project to the Board of Directors and to the Scientific Committee, which will evaluate it qualitatively and quantitatively and will, therefore, form a concrete opinion on the possibilities of success. If the campaign reaches the target set, the funds subscribed by the investors will be made available to the applicant, in exchange for company shares.

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