Evaluates and selects the financing proposals to be submitted on the Forcrowd.com portal, expresses a mandatory and non-binding technical opinion regarding the feasibility of the projects and leaves the final decision to the board of directors.

The Scientific Committee, if it deems it appropriate to do so, may also request a hearing with the applicant’s senior representatives and/or request further information on some of the more significant aspects of the corporate business plan.

The Scientific Committee, thanks to the added value of the strong specialization of its members, evaluates and discusses the financing proposals based on the results arising from the application of the usual business valuation methods as described below.

Selection criteria and methods for investment proposals


  • shareholder register
  • professional and entrepreneurial history of shareholders
  • entrepreneurial vision and market vision on the prospects of the business
  • company goals and description of the offer


    • weight of the capital increase compared to the company’s investment program being not less than 40%
    • weight of the capital increase compared to the company’s assets
    • business results of the last two years
    • turnover and gross operating profit
    • specific performance indicators
    • significant changes (company change and management)
    • endowments of capital resources in any form already present in the company
    • value creation determined by the investment
    • margins of the business plan (credibility of the proposed industrial plan

    The Scientific Committee, therefore, formulates its non-binding opinion and submits the proposal for approval to the administrative body of the Company, which has the final decision on the offers to be published on the portal.

    Members of the Scientific Committee

    Gilda MorelliGilda Morelli Linkedin

    Enrico RicottaEnrico Ricotta

    Giuseppe CampanellaGiuseppe Campanella Linkedin

    Enzo TucciEnzo Tucci Linkedin

    Luca SantamariaLuca Santamaria Linkedin